Scorpio: The time of Intensity, Raw Emotion, and Mystery

The problem with most astrologers, is that they tend to think of Scorpio as if they are “dark” and “mysterious”. When in reality, they are completely the opposite… They are humble people, who have a liking for dark things, but they themselves are actually pretty optimistic and light-hearted. They appear dark and mysterious for a multitude of reasons: they just like to, they’ve been hurt or burned, or they simply have a wall up. They are very similar to their Capricorn familiar. That darkness isn’t “dark” it’s simply INTENSE. When you talk to a Scorpio, you feel drawn in, like you’ll never come out of the ocean they just drew you into. Seductive, luxurious waters that have waves sucking your feet in and in until the realization hits you that you may have just really fallen under a spell. The mystery of what they don’t show you ends up being their way of letting you get to know them. The reality is, their emotions are so deep that they don’t really want someone exposing what they are so careful to give out. They love you, but can’t seem to show you. The Scorpio admires you, and is too afraid to show you. BUT! Once you’ve proven yourself to a Scorpio, the “dark and mysterious” ways of their outer shell disappear like the tides when the moon changes. They are able to cuddle you, love you, laugh with you, and trust you. This intensity no longer feels like a spell, but like a dream. And the dreams always get better. Unless you mess up. A Scorpio is likely to forget, but almost never forgives. They turn from a sweet ray of sunshine, into a dark storm that’s crashing all around you. You can’t run, you can’t hide. You’ve hurt them, and it will show. So, remember that as we have entered Scorpio season, it is not a time of depression or gloom. It is time to embrace our inner selves, our emotions, and the depths of ourselves we don’t face on a day to day basis.

To Scorpio: Don’t let them tear you down, don’t let them hurt you. You are wise, strong, deep, and nurturing. Only the best will get to see this part of you, and you will find them.